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4 C’s: Connections, Collaborations, Contribution, Community * Members share, learn and grow together

About Us

Malaysia PeersOnDemand is an elite online community of business professionals, by exclusive Membership only. 

We bring together busy business leaders into a calm yet fun realm to:

  • build relationships
  • exchange ideas
  • celebrate achievements
  • reflect on challenges
  • be mutual advisors to each other
  • explore opportunities

so that we can grow and thrive in our businesses and personal endeavours, and in turn make the world better.

Our activities are bite sized,

  • whether in online meetups
    which are compact,
    and create impact,
  • or in online conversations
    outside of meetups
    in our website or mobile app
    dedicated to our community culture.

Why You Should Join Us

We can't achieve great success alone. We “stand on the shoulders of giants.” Together with our peers, we get true

  • on demand
  • just in time
  • at our own convenience

opportunities to participate in the community

in a spirit of giving, as well as receiving.

Ours is a safe, egalitarian, trusting and transparent environment

that allows us to

  • make meaningful human connections
  • inspire each other
  • enable collaboration

We are in the realm of

  • spontaneous wisdom and solutions
  • supportive interactions each other

instead of

  •  noisy
  • algorithm-controlled
  • distracting
  • emotion and energy sucking
  • doom scrolling
  • even harmful

modes of social interactions.

Come Together as a Community

Come be a Member!

Your privacy is important to us.

When you Join, you are deemed to have
read, agreed to and accepted our Privacy Notice:


Hasannudin Saidin
Host, Malaysia PeersOnDemand
CEO Coach, Rubah Associates

[email protected]
Call me: +6012 200 3251 
Or click here to schedule a call or meeting
with me to find out more.

Jeffrey Tan
Co-Host, Malaysia PeersOnDemand

Rocky Romero
Co-Host, Malaysia PeersOnDemand

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